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June, 4th - June 10th

Help us Sow Seeds of Compassion and Give Hope to the Homeless!

The Third Annual Week of Compassion and Fasting is just around the corner and we are so excited! We partner with local churches, organizations, and individuals to help educate our community about our services, what we do, and how we support those most vulnerable. The Week of Compassion is an opportunity for everyone to get involved with their local homeless shelter.

We have tons of volunteer opportunities available for everyone who wants to be involved. Last year, we were able to build garden beds so we have the opportunity to teach our residents how to grow their own food and so we can provide fresh herbs and produce to serve with our meals. And the year before that we built an entire playground from the ground up with the help of a local church so that the children we serve have a safe place to play.

This year, we are planning on building a green house around our garden beds so we can utilize fresh vegetables and herbs year-round. We are also encouraging people in our community to give up their drive-thru meals and coffee for a day and donate that money to The Butte Rescue mission instead. The cost of one coffee can provide three meals to hungry people.

If you cannot participate in our scheduled volunteer activities, join us on Saturday, June 10th for our Block Party to celebrate our wonderful volunteers. Check out our schedule and join us June 4th – 10th to Restore Hope to the Homeless.

If you have wanted to volunteer, but don’t know where to start or who to call, the Week of Compassion is a great place to start. Our goal is that by opening our doors to the public and making volunteering easily accessible, we can inspire our neighbors to become more involved with their community. The Week of Compassion is an opportunity to get involved with your local homeless shelter and to see behind the doors to get a glimpse of exactly what we do to support Butte-Silverbow.

We have volunteer opportunities for anyone who wants to be to GIVE HOPE to the Homeless.

Cooking, painting, and updating our buildings can lead to friendships, fun, and a sense of pride. Taking care of our campus is so important! Summer is upon us and it’s time to get started on yard work and improving our facilities. Planting flowers and creating beautiful areas around our campus ensures our guests have somewhere that feels like home.


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